Fox Searchlight Films/Photo by Merie Wallace

Preaching self-reliance

Movie | The Descendants shows a devotion to ideas more naïve than those it mocks
by Megan Basham
Posted 12/16/11, 02:55 pm

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Walt Disney

Winnie the Pooh

DVD | In this era of cinematic reboots, this new take on a Disney classic ranks as one of the best
by Michael Leaser
Posted 11/07/11, 05:48 am

Boy, oh boy, hunny has rarely tasted this good. Disney has produced a plethora of charming, kid-friendly Pooh films over the years, but none have come close to capturing the wit and whimsy of the original 1960s shorts, one of the last projects Walt Disney was personally involved with. The latest film in the franchise not only matches the quality of those original films but was arguably the best film released this summer.

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Stone (left) and Davis (AP/Dale Robinette/DreamWorks-Disney)

Surprise hit

Movie | The Help is no Blind Side, but its story of justice and courage resonates with audiences
by Megan Basham
Posted 9/21/11, 02:43 pm

If The Blind Side was the sleeper hit of 2009, Hollywood buzz is already giving that title this year to another Southern-style feel-good drama, The Help. Based on a book initially rejected by 60 literary agents, the film was made on a relatively modest budget of $25 million and boasts none of the A-list names one would expect given its success. Yet to date it has grossed more than $148 million and amassed the longest run of days at the top of the box office since The Sixth Sense in 1999.

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