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Asking questions

Q&A | The purpose of the artist, says filmmaker Ron Maxwell, is to raise important issues without veering into propaganda
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 6/28/13, 01:00 am

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Associated Press/Wilfredo Lee, File

Netflix teams up with DreamWorks for animated partnership

by Alissa Robertson
Posted 6/18/13, 02:13 pm

Parents with Netflix rejoice—your kids’ favorite DreamWorks characters will soon be on demand. Yesterday, Netflix announced that beginning in 2014 it will offer new TV shows from DreamWorks Animation, describing the transaction as the biggest ever for original first-run content.

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Associated Press/Photo by Brian Jones, Las Vegas News Bureau

Signs and Wonders: Bill Cosby wades once again into politically incorrect waters

by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 6/17/13, 10:32 am

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