Foresight Unlimited

Finding hope in the past

Movie | The Last Full Measure honors a fallen hero
by Collin Garbarino
Posted 1/22/20, 08:43 pm

A new film about the Vietnam War reminds us that even though we can’t change the past, sometimes it can change us.

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Facebook/Brett Lempe Art

Art for life

Art | Acceptance of pro-life messages in visual arts has tanked
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 1/17/20, 04:35 pm

In 1986, a pro-abortion artist submitted a short animation for display on the Spectacolor billboard in New York’s Times Square. The scrolling, blinking-light board was cutting-edge technology in outdoor advertising, and the owner devoted 30 seconds of every half-hour to noncommercial art.

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Universal Studios

Dolittle does little that’s new

Movie | We already had a crass version of the classic children's stories
by Megan Basham
Posted 1/16/20, 09:07 am

Dolittle, based on Hugh Lofting’s classic children’s stories, feels like two different movies. The first third embodies all the prickly, off-kilter charm an Anglophile’s heart could desire. It opens, as all English children’s stories should, in a wild wood hiding a mysterious, crumbling manor.

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