Telling the world

Media | Unplanned opens in Canada amid backlash
by Mary Jackson
Posted 7/12/19, 03:31 pm

The pro-life movie Unplanned opened in dozens of theaters in Canada Friday after a long battle to persuade movie theaters to show it.

Unplanned, a story about how former Planned Parenthood facility manager Abby Johnson became a pro-life advocate, has grossed more than $18 million since its March 29 release in the United States. It comes out on DVD in August.

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Jay Maidment/Columbia Pictures/Sony via AP

Working vacation

Movie | Spider-Man: Far From Home offers rom-com fun and superhero battles but is marred by family-unfriendly jokes
by Megan Basham
Posted 7/02/19, 03:46 pm

With nearly every big-budget movie release somehow involving superheroes, my favorites now tend to be the ones that are the least superhero-y. To wit: Some early reviewers have complained that Spider-Man: Far From Home takes too long to get down to the serious work of battling bad guys. But I’d argue that the second the villain of the piece steps forward is when the good times slow their roll.

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Filtering the filters

Entertainment | Studios try to stop VidAngel from making their films and shows more palatable to families
by Mary Jackson
Posted 6/28/19, 04:37 pm

VidAngel, a company that filters profanity, sex, and violence from movies and online streaming shows, has incurred the wrath of Hollywood film companies since its inception.

Now, it faces an uphill battle after a federal judge ruled last week it must pay $62.4 million in damages to studios that accuse it of copyright infringement. VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon called the ruling “unjust on many levels” and vowed to appeal it. The per-work judgment, which assigns a fee for each alleged instance of copyright violation, is one of the highest ever assigned in a massive infringement case.

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