Exercise in evil

Movies | 22 July takes a hard look at a mass killer’s deeds, but offers no redemption in their place
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 10/19/18, 03:32 pm

A deranged killer massacres 77 people in cold blood, most of them teenagers isolated on an island. Who could do such a thing? And how can survivors cope? 22 July, Netflix’s new film dramatizing real events in Norway in 2011, explores the murderer’s motives and the aftermath of his crime.

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Associated Press/Photo by Eric McCandless/ABC

The Conners nixes two main characters: Roseanne and Trump

Arts | The ABC sitcom returns with less of everything that made it popular with viewers
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 10/19/18, 01:35 pm

When the show formerly known as Roseanne premiered Tuesday, it was missing more than just its matriarch and namesake. ABC fired Roseanne Barr in May for tweeting a racist insult about Valerie Jarrett, a former White House adviser to President Barack Obama. But network execs were loath to give up the show’s millions of viewers, so they came up with The Conners, a Barr-free continuation of the family’s story that opened with Roseanne’s family mourning her unexpected death.

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Daniel McFadden/Universal Studios

One small step

Movies | Moonwalker biopic First Man shows the ordinary and fleeting nature of mankind’s greatest achievement
by Bob Brown
Posted 10/17/18, 12:37 pm

Watching First Man might give viewers some sympathy for conspiracy theorists who allege the moon landings were faked: Roll back technology a half century, and such an achievement seems positively outlandish. In launch and flight scenes, the new film squeezes you into the rattling capsule clogged with myriad switches and wires. It makes you wonder, as the metal can’s occupants must have wondered, how the thing could get off the ground, let alone navigate through space’s vacuum to a distant, lifeless rock marked by no more than a borrowed drop of sunlight.

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