Friend or foe? A Venus flytrap knows

Science | Another amazing plant discovery provides evidence for intelligent design
by Julie Borg
Posted 2/15/18, 02:28 pm

Charles Darwin once called the Venus flytrap the most wonderful plant in the world—but he offered no explanation for how the fascinating little carnivore, which needs insects for both pollination and its next meal, could have evolved through natural selection.

Researchers at North Carolina State University recently discovered more evidence of intelligent design in the plants: They can somehow distinguish which insects serve as their pollinators and which are prey, and they don’t eat pollinating insects.

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Monkeying around on the tree of life

Science | Scientists find evidence of humans’ uniqueness in creation
by Julie Borg
Posted 2/01/18, 01:39 pm

While the Bible teaches that God designed humans—and only humans—in His image, evolutionary scientists continue to try to explain the origin of humans’ superior intellect when compared to primates. Researchers at Kent State University now think the answer might lie in differences in brain chemicals.

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Unique in the universe

Science | How our solar system evidences the design of a creator
by Julie Borg
Posted 1/25/18, 04:08 pm

A new study in The Astronomical Journal, shows our solar system may be one of a kind in the universe. And the very properties that make our planetary arrangement unique are also the elements that make Earth habitable, Jay Richards, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and co-author of The Privileged Planet, told me.

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