Books on marriage

by Charissa Koh
Posted 8/01/19, 02:10 pm

Letters to a Romantic: On Engagement

Sean Perron & Spencer Harmon

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Facebook/Moreno Valley College

Standing up to academic thought police

First Amendment | California sociology professor reinstated after school fired him for conservative views
by Steve West
Posted 7/30/19, 04:16 pm

A California state court has sided with a community college sociology professor fired for exposing his students to conservative perspectives on marriage, gender roles, and sexual orientation.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jonathan Drew

An ongoing restroom saga

Family | North Carolina battles for a solution that will make everyone happy
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 7/26/19, 03:57 pm

A federal judge in North Carolina on Tuesday approved a legal settlement that will allow transgender individuals to use the restroom of their choice in buildings controlled by the state’s executive branch.

The consent decree settles a lawsuit between Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, and a group of transgender plaintiffs who sued the state in 2016 after it passed HB2, legislation requiring individuals use restrooms matching the gender on their birth certificate in state government-owned buildings.

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