Bob and Larry ride again

Media | Phil Vischer talks about the return of VeggieTales and what he learned from failure
by Mary Jackson
Posted 9/13/19, 05:10 pm

Sixteen years had elapsed since Phil Vischer wrote a VeggieTales episode, and he didn’t know how easily he could bring the characters back to life. But Vischer decided to try after the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) approached him last year and asked him to present Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and the rest of his botanic, Bible-teaching creations from the 1990s to a new generation.

“I started writing, and Larry walked through the door,” Vischer told me. “It was surprisingly easy for them to start talking to me again.”

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The pocket pacifier

Family | Is a mental health crisis among teens tied to their dependence on technology?
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 9/13/19, 02:41 pm

In interviews with 100 girls from ages 12 to 19 and their mothers, author and therapist Mary Pipher heard teens repeatedly say they couldn’t live without their smartphones, but they didn’t like their lives with them, either.

“After an evening online, I go to bed feeling unhappy,” a 13-year-old named Izzie said. “I wonder, ‘What did I do all day long?’ Then I wake up and do the same things the next day.”

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Two mended hearts

Marriage | Forgiveness enabled Kathi and Hal Higley to heal from trauma and an affair (Third in a series on long marriages)
by Charissa Koh
Posted 9/12/19, 04:39 pm

In 1986, Hal Higley found a letter addressed to his wife in the mail. When he asked Kathi, she said it was from a friend in Louisiana, but their strained marriage had left him suspicious. Later, as they put their three kids in the car to go to dinner, Hal slipped inside to search for the letter and found it hidden in a drawer. When he read it, he said, his “whole world fell apart.” The letter was from another man.

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