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Wedding vendors’ messy battle for religious liberty

Books | The arguments for and against compromise for conscientious objectors to same-sex marriage
by Luke Goodrich
Posted 5/09/20, 02:04 pm

The battle regarding same-sex marriage seems to be over for now, in the way that the abortion battle is not. Pro-life counselors outside abortion businesses still contribute to some last-minute changes of heart, but pro–Biblical marriage counselors are not standing outside city halls and wedding chapels pleading with same-sex couples about to make their vows.

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Let Her Stay

Allies for parental rights

Family | Homeschool advocates get involved in child custody case
by Mary Jackson
Posted 5/08/20, 06:15 pm

Chris Clay does not homeschool his 5-year-old daughter, but a Texas home education group has come to his family’s defense.

Clay has been fighting for custody of his daughter, whose name is not publically known, for two years since her mother died in a car accident. First, the dispute was with the girl’s maternal grandparents. Now it is with a man who was engaged to marry her mother. The case has reached the Texas Supreme Court.

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Cloud 9 Studios Apelo Inc.

“Holy sandpaper”

Marriage | Darrell and Catheleen Jordan fought throughout their first decades of marriage, but learning true love and respect helped their relationship thrive
by Charissa Koh
Posted 5/07/20, 04:03 pm

14th in a series on long marriages

It was the summer of 1974 when 16-year-old Darrell Jordan visited the park with his cousin and noticed a teenage girl hanging upside down on the monkey bars. “She looked so cute,” Darrell recalls. “That was my wife.” Catheleen was only 13, but Darrell felt shy around her. Eventually, they talked, dated, then married in 1977, when Darrell was a college sophomore and Catheleen a high-school senior. 

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