Alliance Defending Freedom

An impossible choice for Christian business owners

First Amendment | Wedding photographer’s dilemma highlights the need for clarity on conscience rights
by Steve West
Posted 7/07/20, 05:39 pm

A Christian wedding photographer in Virginia faces three bad options: compromising his religious beliefs, violating the law and risking bankruptcy, or shutting down. Chris Herring takes photos for LGBT clients but draws the line at content that violates his faith, like photographing a same-sex wedding. “I happily work with and serve all customers,” he said, “but I can’t and won’t let the state force me to express messages that contradict my beliefs.”

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Sophia Lee

Getting along like cats and dogs

Marriage | Even minor issues can become important marriage lessons
by Sophia Lee
Posted 7/06/20, 04:41 pm

I heard the first year of marriage is always tough. That made sense to me: You have two separate lives joining into one, and that will require some painstaking sacrifices and compromises. What’s more, both my husband, David, and I got married in our 30s. We’ve enjoyed more than 30 years of independence, and with that comes our own rigid habits and hard-to-break lifestyles. I just never expected that the one major conflict we’d have in our marriage would be over my cat. 

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YouTube/The Heritage Foundation

Tech companies silence pro-child voices

Family | YouTube, Amazon don’t want to hear critiques of transgender ideology
by Mary Jackson
Posted 6/26/20, 04:58 pm

Online transgender gurus get millions of views online with peppy videos instructing curious teens on cross-sex hormones and sex-change surgeries. But YouTube recently blocked a video featuring ex-transgender writer and speaker Walt Heyer cautioning against talking children into those experimental and irreversible procedures. The streaming video site marked the three-hour video as “hate speech.”

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