Marijuana Series
Brent Lewin/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The upshot of pot

Drug Abuse | A practical look at marijuana laws and effects
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/10/18, 03:43 pm

Fifth and final in a series on the legalization of marijuana

In Greek mythology, Antaeus is the son of Gaea (Mother Earth) and Poseidon, the sea god. People thought he was invincible, but that’s because he kept his feet on the ground: Hercules discerned that secret and beat him by lifting him up so his feet never touched earth.

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Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/AP

Joint ventures

Policy | It takes a village to legalize marijuana, and the community includes everyone from billionaires to politicians
by Jim Long
Posted 9/27/18, 01:53 am

Fourth in a series on the legalization of marijuana

For soda drinkers worldwide, Coca-Cola’s advertising slogan—“Taste the Feeling”—may soon take on a new meaning: In September, officials at the Atlanta-based beverage giant revealed they are closely watching the growth of the cannabis drinks industry.

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Photo illustration by Krieg Barrie

Going to pot

Business | As states legalize marijuana, tobacco companies are indicating their interest in the reefer business
by Jim Long
Posted 8/30/18, 10:18 am

Third in a series on the legalization of marijuana

Big Tobacco is joining the Green Rush. For years, four Big Tobacco companies—R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris (now known as Altria), British American Tobacco, and Imperial Tobacco—have played down interest in the emerging marijuana market. Now, they are positioning themselves to pounce, a half century after the wacky weed first gained mass popularity.

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