Las Vegas Shooting
Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

The terror of the void

Voices | The absence of good may explain evil such as mass murder
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 10/17/17, 01:52 pm

Within hours of the infamous event now known as the “Las Vegas Shooting,” the perpetrator’s life became an open book: his hapless girlfriend, his financial record, his criminal dad, his clueless brother, his social media activity (none), his neighbors, his hard drive. His organic hard drive—that is, his brain—was removed during the autopsy and shipped to a specialized lab to probe for defects.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision

Hollywood’s long habit of loving the sinner

Hollywood | It’s too soon to tell what long-term consequences Harvey Weinstein will face
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 10/13/17, 01:54 pm

Fired from his production company and accused by more than 20 women of sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein’s days as a Hollywood mogul could be finished. Or not. Tinseltown has a long history, going back to the brutal reign of Louis Mayer at MGM Studios, of forgiving and funding men who are known abusers. Here are a few more recent cases:

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David Becker/Getty Images

A time to prepare

Crime | A season of disasters reminds us we can’t prevent every tragedy, but we can prepare to respond
by Jamie Dean
Posted 10/11/17, 05:24 pm

On a Sunday night in Las Vegas, the seasons of life described in the book of Ecclesiastes compressed into a matter of moments for thousands of stunned concertgoers.

A time to dance became a time to mourn. A time to laugh was a time to weep. And for 58 men and women born a few decades ago, a festive evening was suddenly, tragically a time to die.

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