Jennifer Smith/Unearthed Photography

Let’s clean up this town!

Jobs | Homeless residents pick up trash—and life skills—in Texas city
by Katie Gaultney
Posted 6/14/18, 03:29 pm

The sun is rising over south Fort Worth. The tinny “clink” of soda cans hitting the pavement, jettisoned from trash in a dumpster, and the thundering sound of trash bins rolling across asphalt make it hard to hear Nicole, the litter crew supervisor for Clean Slate. Nicole is quiet, serious, and reserved—no nonsense.

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Hotel for the homeless

Effective Compassion | New York City wants to stop renting rooms for thousands of unsheltered people
by Rob Holmes
Posted 5/16/18, 01:54 pm

Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s commitment to turning the tide on homelessness, New York City taxpayers continue footing hotel bills for thousands of homeless people.

The city has a rare “right to shelter” legal mandate that requires it to give temporary emergency housing to any who are eligible and ask for help. Putting homeless people in hotels is a stopgap measure to keep people off the street when shelters fill up. New York City has more than 60,000 homeless people, a third of whom are children.

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Sophia Lee

Cleaning soiled streets

Homelessness | What even the most unappealing of jobs can teach about human dignity
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/24/18, 11:11 am

It was bright and early in the morning when I spotted a fresh pile of excrement on the sidewalk, still glistening in a reddish brown splat, its stench alerting a gang of flies that it was time for breakfast. Meanwhile, I could feel my own half-digested breakfast tossing from my gut up to my gullet. 

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