Intelligent Design
Associated Press/Photo by Ross D. Franklin

Arizona mulls putting evolution in its place

Education | Proposed changes to the state’s science standards would describe evolution as a theory, not settled science
by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/30/18, 01:37 pm

Evolutionists in Arizona are fighting for their survival after the state’s top education official suggested students should be taught the reality many scientists already acknowledge: Evolution is a theory, not settled science.

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Discovery Institute

Textbooks of the living dead

Books | Disproven foundations of evolutionary theory continue to live on in biology class
by Jonathan Wells
Posted 5/26/18, 11:32 am

If you’ve fallen for tree-of-life charts or lectures on how eyes slowly evolved and how “god” (if there were one) botched the job, you’ve fallen for zombie science. The same goes if you applauded science illuminati who waxed on about “junk DNA” and thought “vestigial organs” had no purpose.

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UCLA/Christelle Snow

Shocked snails and the wonders of RNA

Science | Scientists discover new function for genetic workhorse
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/24/18, 03:36 pm

Researchers at UCLA say they transferred memories between marine snails through injections of RNA.

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