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The incredible eel

Science | Scientists repurpose God’s design for medical use
by Julie Borg
Posted 6/14/18, 12:57 pm

In a quest to design better and more efficient products, scientists continue to find the best models in God’s creation. Seth Fraden, a Brandeis University physicist, is attempting to create a robotic eel that will zigzag through the human bloodstream to deliver drugs to cells or genes in a fashion similar to an eel slithering through water.

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Huge human brains puzzle evolutionists

Science | Natural selection can’t explain why animal brains are so much smaller than ours
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/31/18, 03:25 pm

God created humans with a huge brain, three times larger than that of a chimpanzee. That difference puzzles evolutionists because our brains are much larger than they need to be and enable us to do far more than merely survive.

Now, scientists at St. Andrews University in Scotland are using computer simulations in an attempt to demonstrate mathematically why natural selection gave us such gigantic brains.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ross D. Franklin

Arizona mulls putting evolution in its place

Education | Proposed changes to the state’s science standards would describe evolution as a theory, not settled science
by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/30/18, 01:37 pm

Evolutionists in Arizona are fighting for their survival after the state’s top education official suggested students should be taught the reality many scientists already acknowledge: Evolution is a theory, not settled science.

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