Intelligent Design
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Darwin's head-scratcher

Science | How intelligent design offers the best explanation for the sudden appearance of many animals upon the earth—an event Darwin could not reconcile
by Stephen C. Meyer
Posted 6/15/13, 12:48 pm

Stephen Meyer, 54, is director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. He holds a doctorate from the University of Cambridge, is a former professor at Whitworth College, and was WORLD’s Daniel of the Year for 2009. We selected him for that honor because we admire the guts of those willing to put up with attacks because they believe we have a Creator and are made in His image.

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Ball State investigating intelligent design class

by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 5/20/13, 09:59 am

Ball State University is looking into complaints by evolutionists that a science and religion class using material on intelligent design is promoting Christianity to its students.

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A biblical and scientific Adam

Science | A challenge to evangelicals who have backed away from an historic Adam, using a theologically informed look at ape ancestry genetic claims
by Vern S. Poythress
Posted 5/18/13, 03:17 pm

As the battle between Darwinism and the Bible rages, some evangelicals have backed away from maintaining that Adam and Eve were real, historical individuals created in the way Genesis 2 relates:

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