Intelligent Design
Wikimedia/Photo by John Phelan

New Mexico scientists fight taxpayer-funded evolution celebration

Free Speech
by Dick Peterson
Posted 6/27/14, 09:00 am

Two New Mexico scientists hope next year’s Darwin Days celebration at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science may evolve into a more civilized affair. If their challenge to the state’s use of its publicly funded institution and taxpayer money to denigrate religion and promote atheism can gain traction with state officials, media, and the public, the event could include talks on intelligent design and creation.

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt Stone/The Courier-Journal

No big bangs in Ham on Nye science showdown

Science | Much-anticipated creation-evolution debate offered nothing new and little excitement
by Julie Borg
Posted 2/05/14, 09:30 am

PETERSBURG, Ky.—Last night’s much anticipated debate between Creation Museum founder Ken Ham and evolution advocate Bill Nye likely disappointed spectators hoping to see a spirited exchange, with jabs and intellectual punches flying. Both men seemed more interested in offering academic explanations than lively repartee.

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DNA discovery illustrates creation's complexity

by Jesse Yow
Posted 1/07/14, 02:30 pm

Researchers have found a second layer of information embedded in DNA, refueling a debate between proponents of Darwinism and intelligent design.

Since the 1960s, scientists recognized that the order of molecules in DNA represented a particular code that governs the development of gene-forming proteins. Now, researchers from the University of Washington have discovered a second set of instructions in DNA that governs how those genes function.

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