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Mixed signals

International | Christians debate whether Saudi overtures to U.S. evangelicals are made in good faith
by Harvest Prude
Posted 9/24/19, 05:12 pm

Saudi Arabia only allows Muslims to become citizens. It threatens Christian converts with the death penalty and allows officials and neighbors to persecute religious minorities. Open Doors International ranks the kingdom as the 15th most oppressive country toward Christians.

So why did Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman invite nine evangelical Christians from the United States to visit him on Sept. 10?

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India’s looming two-child policy

Family | Population control efforts would hurt more than they help
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 9/06/19, 03:45 pm

Population control is gaining momentum in India. While politicians point to environmental issues as the impetus, there are other forces behind it, including religious purity. And an inevitable increase in abortions will likely follow any policy changes.

Jonathan Abbamonte, a research analyst with the Population Research Institute, told me that India’s Hindu nationalists see population control as a way to reduce the county’s birthrate among religious minorities such as Muslims and Christians: “They want to preserve India for Hindus. They want India to be a Hindu nation.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Mahmud Hossain Opu

Too soon to go home

International | Repatriation effort fails as Rohingya demand rights before returning to Myanmar
by Julia A. Seymour
Posted 8/27/19, 05:18 pm

Thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh refused to go back to Myanmar last week due to fears of further persecution. Myanmar, also known as Burma, granted more than 3,000 refugees permission to return home, beginning with a few hundred specific families. Some refugees left the refugee camp just across the border and hid in fear of being forcibly returned, while others told reporters and human rights groups they needed assurances of safety and citizenship.

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