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More than 300 migrant children reunited with parents

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 7/20/18, 01:49 pm

The Trump administration on Thursday said it has reunited 364 migrant children between the ages 5 and 17 and their parents, leaving hundreds to go a week before a court-imposed deadline. The Justice Department last week said in a court filing it identified 2,552 children who may fall under the court order. Officials have identified 1,606 of their parents, and interviewed and cleared 848 of them to reunite with their children. The document stated that 679 parents still need “further evaluation,” while 272 of them are yet to be interviewed. U.S.

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A history of separation

Government | We’ve grown used to everyday acts that remove children from parents
by Joel Belz
Posted 7/19/18, 01:53 pm

Separating little children from their parents, whether it happens as the result of a deliberate policy or only as an incidental and unintended consequence, turns out to be a pretty boneheaded political idea. It’s hard—at least in the near future—to imagine any politician at any level proposing any public program or idea that even hints at such an outcome.

Except, of course, that splitting up family units has always been a specialty of what we used to call “liberal” political interests, but which many refer to as “progressive.”

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A complex reality

Compassion | Some migrant children may be better off remaining separated from their parents
by Rob Holmes
Posted 7/18/18, 04:25 pm

U.S. government officials last week said they met a court-mandated deadline to reunite migrant children under age 5 with their parents. But of the 103 young children held by the Department of Health and Human Services, officials could only return slightly more than half to their families.

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