Hurricane Florence
Associated Press/Photo by Meg Kinnard

Flood risk lessens for coastal South Carolinians

by Mickey McLean
Posted 9/26/18, 03:07 pm

Officials in Georgetown County, S.C., say flooding resulting from Hurricane Florence will not be as bad as expected this week. Originally, forecasters said multiple rivers could bring as much as 10 feet of floodwaters to this coastal community, but that estimate has been lowered to only 2 to 4 feet. The latest predictions also delay the peak period of flooding from Thursday to Friday, giving residents more time to prepare. But South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster warned that forecasts could change again.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jason Lee/The Sun News

South Carolina town readies for Florence’s final blow

by Mickey McLean
Posted 9/25/18, 02:26 pm

Five rivers flowing from eastern North and South Carolina empty into the Atlantic Ocean in or near Georgetown, S.C., making the coastal town Hurricane Florence’s last major target nearly a week and a half after the storm first made landfall 110 miles up the coast near Wilmington, N.C. So much water is heading downstream that it is backing up into rivers that weren’t flooding.

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Carolyn Kaster/AP

From Hurricane Florence to Hurricane Kavanaugh

News analysis | Analyzing the two September storms that hit America
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/24/18, 04:42 pm

“Let’s tear this world apart and build a better one,” actress Anne Hathaway said on Sept. 15 while accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign for her support of LGBTQ efforts. As Hathaway spoke, Hurricane Florence was tearing apart the Carolina coast. At least 43 humans, 5,500 hogs, and 3.4 million chickens died, mostly because of widespread flooding.

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