Human Trafficking
Associated Press/Photo by Luca Zennaro, Pool

Midday Roundup: Is the pope softening his stance on homosexuality?

by Leigh Jones
Posted 7/29/13, 02:04 pm

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Connecting the dots between sex trafficking and pornography

by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 6/10/13, 10:52 am

Sex trafficking is the issue de jour on college campus. Students attend documentaries, hold charity walks, and put on bake sales to raise money for safe houses and victim restoration. Special speakers spread awareness about girls trapped in the sex industry against their will. 

While most anti-trafficking work focuses on helping victims, few students talk about what propels women into the trade: The continued demand by men to buy women and the role internet pornography plays in that demand. 

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Tiffany Owens

Serving the sparrows

Trafficking | Forget armed rescues. Christian volunteers fight sex trafficking by building relationships
by Tiffany Owens
Posted 5/31/13, 01:00 am

AUSTIN, Texas—The foyer of this brothel in Austin, Texas, smells of cigarette smoke and sweet incense. On the carpet sits a Buddha and an altar decorated with money, two cups of old coffee, and a dozen mangoes.

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