Hong Kong
Associated Press/Photo by Vincent Yu (file)

Year in Review: Mass protests and crackdowns

International | A tide of unrest rose alongside harsh governmental responses
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 12/31/19, 09:49 am

People around the world took to the streets to demand change in 2019 as repressive regimes fought back. Despite numerous standoffs between governments and protesters, some nations have implemented reforms. Meanwhile, Christians stepped across borders to lend a hand to disaster victims.

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Getty Images/Photo by Rich Fury

Year in Review: Making a statement

Arts | Entertainers used their platforms for political, religious, and social messages
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 12/27/19, 12:25 pm

The personal lives and beliefs of artists and athletes took center stage in 2019. In the social media era, celebrities risk falling into irrelevance if they don’t stand for something off-camera. Most of the time, they are parroting predictably liberal stances on politics, marriage, and sexuality, but some celebs broke from the pack this year, risking their A-list status in the process. Here’s a look at the biggest entertainment headlines of the past 12 months.

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Associated Press/Photos by Frank Augstein (Johnson) and Thanassis Stavrakis (Corbyn)

Yet another vote on Brexit

International | Brits decide on a prime minister—and their country’s future
by Mindy Belz
Posted 12/12/19, 04:46 pm

BRITAIN: Voters are at the polls throughout the U.K. on Thursday in what is essentially a(nother) Brexit referendum. The Conservative Party’s Boris Johnson has held a consistent lead over Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, but it had narrowed in closing days of campaigning.

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