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Scouts delay decision

Boy Scouts | Current policy banning homosexuals in force until May
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 2/06/13, 12:15 pm

The Boy Scouts of America’s Executive Board has delayed action on a proposed change to its policies that would allow homosexuals into its leadership ranks. This means the current policy banning homosexuals from leadership remains in effect until at least May, when the organization holds its nationwide annual meeting.

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Associated Press/Photo by First Baptist Church, Luke Edmonson

Softening rhetoric on homosexuality

by Tiffany Owens
Posted 2/05/13, 06:00 pm

Engaging a younger generation about the biblical teachings on homosexuality may be today’s greatest challenge for the evangelical church. 

In a 2011 survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, 62 percent of adults between 18 and 29 years old said they supported gay “marriage” and 71 percent supported civil unions. Among adults 65 and older, only 31 percent favored same-sex “marriage” and 51 percent supported civil unions.

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Associated Press/Photo by Misha Japaridze, file

Russia to outlaw 'homosexual propaganda'

by Kathryn Blackhurst & Les Sillars
Posted 2/05/13, 11:00 am

Last month, the Russian parliament approved by a vote of 388-1-1 a draft law outlawing the dissemination of “homosexual propaganda” to minors, prompting the Obama administration to pull out of “civil society” dialogue.

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