Healthcare Mandate
Photo by J.C. Derrick

Fighting the 'war on mothers'

Religious Liberty | Several hundred women gather across from the White House to make known their opposition to the contraceptive mandate
by J.C. Derrick
Posted 8/01/13, 06:40 pm

WASHINGTON—About 200 women rallied at Lafayette Square across from the White House Thursday to demand relief from the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act—otherwise known as Obamacare.

“There’s no war on women, there’s a war on mothers,” said Washington attorney Cynthia Wood in fiery remarks that sparked cheers from the crowd.

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Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon (file)

Conflicting courts

Religious Liberty | Disagreement among appellate courts on the religious rights of corporations could hasten a Supreme Court battle over the contraceptive mandate
by Emily Belz
Posted 8/01/13, 12:46 pm

Last week a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a Mennonite cabinetmaker’s challenge to the federal health insurance contraceptive mandate, one of the few losses for for-profit companies so far in these religious liberty cases. On Wednesday the cabinetmaker, Conestoga Wood Specialties, appealed the decision, asking a full en banc panel of judges from the 3rd Circuit to hear its case. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Tony Gutierrez

Judge grants Hobby Lobby time to make its case

by Emily Belz
Posted 7/19/13, 03:29 pm

Capping a legal turnaround in Hobby Lobby’s case against the federal health insurance contraceptive mandate, a federal District Court judge granted a preliminary injunction to the craft retailer on Friday.

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