Associated Press/Photo by Gregorio Borgia

Italian prime minister steps down

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/21/19, 01:11 pm

Turmoil in the Italian government reached a new pitch Tuesday when Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned. He will remain in office as President Sergio Mattarella holds discussions on forming a new government. If the talks fail, Mattarella will dissolve Parliament and call for an early vote.

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Gary Fong/Genesis Photos

More money or more strings?

Education | A homeschooling innovation brings opportunity and danger
by Mary Jackson
Posted 8/15/19, 04:08 pm

As a young mom, Martha Hazelrigg rarely left the house with her four homeschooled children during school hours. When they did venture out, she coached them to tell inquisitive grocery clerks and shoppers they attended a local Christian school. It was true: Hazelrigg’s children homeschooled through that school’s independent study program. But in 1985, home education was rare, and mothers had legitimate fears that skeptics, even family members, might report them to the government.

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How abortion affects mental health

Abortion | A study finds link between drug-induced abortion and depression in rats
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 8/12/19, 03:34 pm

Neuroscientist Stephen Sammut saw a scientific gap in research on the effects of drug-induced abortion and decided to tackle it in his area of expertise: pre-clinical research using rat models.

The hypothesis, he told me, was simple, but no one he knew of had investigated it: “If pregnancy is a normal physiological process … terminating a viable pregnancy using abortion is going to potentially cause significant physiological and ultimately behavioral issues.”

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