Treasuring the universals

Government | Communist tyranny versus unalienable rights
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/21/20, 05:21 pm

As we proceed to an election, let’s keep in mind the Declaration of Independence’s universal statement: Our Creator endows us with unalienable rights. 

Some of America’s Founders may not have believed in Christ, but the Declaration shows the consensus: We have one Creator who gave us timeless objective truth, even if we sometimes disregard it. 

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Canaan Baptist Church

Firehouse, or house of worship?

Religious Liberty | Dallas-area church fights to keep its land
by Steve West
Posted 10/13/20, 12:59 pm

When Pastor Jarvis Baker stands on Canaan Baptist Church’s plot of land in Duncanville, Texas, he doesn’t see just an empty field but a planned sanctuary and activity center. “I believe if your vision is not big enough, it’s not God-ordained,” he said. But an attempt by the city to seize the property puts the plan in danger.

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Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon

D.C. church wins right to gather

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/12/20, 04:58 pm

Members of Capitol Hill Baptist Church on Friday won the right to worship outdoors together, at least for now. Rain canceled their plans for Sunday, but the church said it plans to gather its congregants in the city the next weekend.

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