Associated Press/Photo by J. Scott Applewhite (file)

GOP leaders abandon fiscal responsibility

Politics | Conservatives voice anger over Washington’s runaway tab
by Evan Wilt
Posted 2/15/18, 04:10 pm

WASHINGTON—Fiscal conservatives are still reeling from last week’s federal budget deal, with no spending pivot in sight.

The government shut down for a few hours last week after Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., delayed leaders on both sides from agreeing to a two-year budget agreement that busted mandated spending caps and added another $300 billion to the taxpayer tab.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

Veterans Affairs chief misused department funds

by Evan Wilt
Posted 2/14/18, 01:39 pm

WASHINGTON— Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin misused taxpayer dollars during a trip to Europe last year, according to an inspector general’s report released Wednesday. The July trip to Copenhagen and London cost the VA at least $122,334, with 10 other people, including Shulkin’s wife Merle Bari, joining the secretary for meetings on veterans’ issues.

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Associated Press/Photo by Susan Walsh

Trump pushes big spending in 2019 budget proposal

by Evan Wilt
Posted 2/12/18, 01:10 pm

WASHINGTON—The Trump administration released its fiscal year 2019 budget Monday, a 160-page document that calls for $4.4 trillion in spending. As expected, the plan reflects President Donald Trump’s desire to boost border security spending and invest in infrastructure.

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