Gosnell Trial
Yong Kim/Philadelphia Daily News/MCT/Newscom

Philly's filthy fraud

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by The Editors
Posted 1/28/11, 07:27 am

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Kermit Gosnell (AP/Yong Kim, Philadelphia Daily News)

A 'filthy fraud'

Abortion | A grand jury indicts a Philadelphia abortionist for flouting the law and preying on the poor to perform gruesome late-term abortions
by Alisa Harris
Posted 1/20/11, 08:02 pm

The pro-lifers who protested Kermit Gosnell's abortion center in Philadelphia had no idea of the horrific conditions inside: fetal remains in cat-food containers, severed baby feet in jars, blood-stained sheets, and medical instruments contaminated with venereal disease.

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