Gosnell Trial
Associated Press/Photo by Yong Kim/Philadelphia Daily News

Abortionist's murder trial enters third week

by Whitney Williams
Posted 4/01/13, 10:40 am

Testimony in the third week of the Kermit Gosnell murder trial begins today after an emotional end to last week's hearing. 

The 72-year-old Philadelphia abortionist is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder for allegedly killing late-term babies who were born alive, and one count of third-degree murder for allegedly allowing his untrained employees to overmedicate a 41-year-old patient during a November 2009 late-term abortion.

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Associated Press/Photo by Yong Kim, Philadelphia Daily News

State inspector testifies to horrors of Gosnell's abortion mill

by Whitney Williams
Posted 3/26/13, 11:05 am

Yesterday began the second week of testimony in abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial, with a state inspector, describing in detail what she saw inside the “House of Horrors” abortion facility in West Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Department of Health employee Elinor Barsoney told jurors she conducted her first inspection of Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society abortion center in 2010. The facility hadn’t been inspected since the early 1990s. 

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Silent treatment

News | And other news briefs
by The Editors
Posted 3/22/13, 01:00 am

Two separate incidents in Russia point to the growing trend of government-sanctioned persecution against religions not sponsored by the state. First, officers continue to hold a Presbyterian pastor with U.S. citizenship in a Russian detention center on charges of attempted bribery. 

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