Associated Press/Photo by Evan Vucci

Trump stands by North Korea

International | The president while in Japan goes against Bolton and other top officials
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/27/19, 02:33 pm

NORTH KOREA: U.S. President Donald Trump, in a news conference in Japan, went against national security adviser John Bolton and other top officials, saying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “is a very smart man” who has not violated UN sanctions this month or launched ballistic missiles.

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Associated Press/Lega

EU voters elect new Parliament

by Kent Covington
Posted 5/27/19, 02:07 pm

Voters in large numbers from Thursday through Sunday in 28 European Union countries elected a new shared Parliament. Results indicate that mainstream parties will hold onto their majority in the 751-seat assembly. But populist parties calling for more sovereignty from the EU, including some calling for tighter immigration controls made big gains.

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1776 vs. 1789

Books | Will a divided America choose the classical liberalism of its founding over the progressive liberalism rooted in the French Revolution?
by Os Guinness
Posted 5/25/19, 08:17 am

Os Guinness for decades has spoken and written articulately. He brings to bear honed discernment in noting, “The present obsession with President Trump, whether supporting or opposing him, is a massively distorting factor for a simple reason: Donald Trump is the consequence of the crisis and not the cause. … The crisis created the president. … Trump’s election was like a giant wrecking ball that stopped America in its tracks, and it allows space for Americans on all sides to consider where they see the republic now, and where they think it should go.”

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