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Wars and rumors of wars

News | The drive to protect ideology sometimes prevails over the good of others
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/15/18, 02:33 pm

President Donald Trump’s move in March to impose hefty tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum sparked fevered debates about the potential fallout of an international trade war.

Other kinds of war bring more certain dangers. A 2017 study estimated a nuclear war with North Korea could kill 2 million people in Seoul and Tokyo, if the North Korean regime detonated a nuclear missile over the massive cities.

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Pro-lifers dismayed over Oregon starvation bill’s return

Euthanasia | State lawmakers appear ready to approve measure defeated last year
by Samantha Gobba
Posted 2/26/18, 01:41 pm

An Oregon bill that could lead to the unrequested starvation and dehydration of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients has returned to the state legislature after facing defeat last year.

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Associated Press/Photo by Rich Pedroncelli

Planned Parenthood takes page from pro-life playbook

Abortion | Organization announces plan to push state laws loosening abortion restrictions and reversing funding cuts
by Andrew Shaughnessy
Posted 2/19/18, 01:54 pm

Planned Parenthood, most often forced to play defense against successful pro-life advocacy and legislative efforts, is going on offense.

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