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Writing hymns from experience

by Chelsea Boes
Posted 6/05/14, 03:51 pm

A woman sits in a ballooning black taffeta dress with her thin hands folded. Beneath her placid face with its broad nose, her dress buries what we believe on faith to have been a womanly figure. There is something very deep about the eyes of this sober lady, who has a very long name: Karolina Wilhelmina Sandell-Berg. Despite all formal appearance to the contrary, she preferred to be called Lina Sandell.

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What has become of Andrée?

Faith & Inspiration
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 5/14/14, 01:02 pm

Because of neglect of regular dental check-ups—or because I didn’t choose my parents wisely—I find myself needing braces for my teeth. People under 30 reading that a 62-year-old got braces last week are probably thinking what I thought when I overheard an octogenarian customer at the Oreck vacuum cleaner store order the very pricey model that comes with a forever warranty. Never mind all that. You whippersnappers should know that we oldies aren’t ready to roll over just yet. Braces are a vote of confidence in the future, a “rage against the dying of the light,” as it were.

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An intercultural union under Christ

by Chelsea Boes
Posted 5/08/14, 12:05 pm

I stood in the corner of a Sunday school room last week, praying with nine other bridesmaids over my best friend Kayla. Her hair was curled, her dress was fastened, her music was playing, and an African groom was waiting for her at the end of the long church aisle.

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