Duck Dynasty
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Duck Dynasty stars take over NASCAR this weekend

by Andrew Branch
Posted 4/04/14, 02:05 pm

Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway will feature a little more Southern charm than usual. For instance, the iconic call to “Start your engines!” will come from Uncle Si Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

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Associated Press/Photo by Zach Dilgard (A&E)

What I learned from watching Duck Dynasty

Faith & Inspiration
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 1/09/14, 08:59 am

Because I don’t own a TV, the recent “tempest in a duck call” nearly sailed over my head. It was by pure happenstance that I found myself during the Christmas holidays in a hospice bedroom with a television on and tuned to a Duck Dynasty marathon in progress.

Three episodes do not an expert make. But even the taste of the Robertson family’s life produced in me a distinct impression that, while neither here nor there in terms of the ongoing controversy, was edifying to my soul in some idiosyncratic way.

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Associated Press/A&E

How to love your gay neighbor

by D.C. Innes
Posted 1/06/14, 12:07 pm

The high stakes showdown between Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and A&E backed up by the homosexual advocacy group GLAAD lit up the end of 2013 like a clash of titans high above our mundane lives.

But here on the ground, the Hollywood head-butting prompted ordinary folk to debate how to deal compassionately with real people in morally tragic and complicated circumstances.

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