Donald Trump
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Weighing loyalties

Politics | Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen distances himself from the president
by Harvest Prude
Posted 7/05/18, 06:26 pm

The Mr. Fix It of the Trump administration, Michael Cohen, was known for telling reporters he “would take a bullet for the president.” But now, facing a federal investigation, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer has changed his tune.

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Jon Elswick/AP

Round two

Courts | A look at the short list of who might be Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee
by Emily Belz & J.C. Derrick
Posted 7/05/18, 01:16 pm

Rumors continue to ebb and flow about President Donald Trump’s pick to replace retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Lists change by the minute, and so far the White House says the president has interviewed seven potential nominees. Here we’ve gathered the consensus short list—a few names from Trump’s first short list of nominees, and a few new names.

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Alex Brandon/AP

Did the FBI get its man?

Law Enforcement | Wray testimony leaves doubts about the agency’s integrity
by Joel Belz
Posted 7/05/18, 10:43 am

Remember the good old days? Remember when the FBI held both your admiration and your trust? Remember when J. Edgar Hoover was a hero for most of us?

No, it’s not just your imagination. I remember visiting the FBI headquarters when I was a boy. The lines were long and the place was crowded. The theme for visitors focused on the list of “The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Men”—and the point was clear: The FBI always gets its man. Take that guarantee to the bank!

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