Associated Press/Photo by Brennan Linsley

Receding floodwaters reveal devastation

by David Sonju
Posted 9/17/13, 03:10 pm

As weary Coloradans return home after days of staggering floods, the receding waters are revealing toppled houses, upended vehicles, and a stinking layer of muck. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Kristi Kinard Suthamtewakul

Midday Roundup: Navy Yard investigators ask ultimate question--why?

by Leigh Jones
Posted 9/17/13, 11:55 am

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Associated Press/Photo by John Wark

Flood-ravaged Colorado braces for more rain

by Sarah Padbury
Posted 9/14/13, 11:59 pm

DENVER, Colo.—Coloradans have been praying for rain, but this past week’s weather is not what they were asking for, as last year’s “summer of fires” has suddenly turned into this year’s “summer of floods.”

In the past five days, parts of the state have received a year’s worth of rain. The deluge was supposed to take a break Saturday night, but the entire Front Range is under a flash flood warning—from the Wyoming border south 130 miles to Colorado Springs—until 6 p.m. Sunday, as more storms blow across the state.

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