Associated Press/Photo by Ali Khodaei/Tasnim News Agency

Search teams find Iranian plane crash site

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 2/19/18, 10:14 am

Iranian rescue teams on Monday arrived at the site of a Sunday plane crash that killed all 65 passengers and crew members on board. Aseman Airlines ATR-72 crashed into Mount Dena before it arrived at its destination in the southern Iranian city of Yasuj. State television reported that high winds and heavy snow initially prevented helicopters from joining the search for the crash victims. The Iranian Press TV network said search teams arrived at the crash site before dawn.

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Associated Press/Photo by Felix Marquez

Mexican helicopter crash kills 13 earthquake survivors

by Leigh Jones
Posted 2/17/18, 12:28 pm

Thirteen people died and fifteen others suffered injuries when a military helicopter carrying Mexican officials crashed as it tried to land in a vacant field in southern Mexico. The officials, Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete and Oaxaca Gov. Alejandro Murat, were surveying damage from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked the region Friday.

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Gerald Herbert/AP

Preparing with compassion

Tragedy | Horrible mass shootings remind us local preparation—including among churches—is crucial to loving our neighbors
by Jamie Dean
Posted 2/16/18, 11:48 am

One of the most gut-wrenching realities about mass shootings is that they’re always unexpected, and a community never knows it’s the next spot a shooter will strike. 

Even when shooters show alarming warning signs—as did the killer in the Florida massacre this week—parents and students and principals and pastors and neighbors are still stunned when a person who seems “off” suddenly unleashes a bloodbath.

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