Associated Press/Photo by Brody Schmidt

The reasons for college football’s return

Sports | Political pressure was just one of several factors
by Sharon Dierberger
Posted 9/22/20, 03:09 pm

Of the five NCAA athletic conferences that make the most money, four have committed to putting players on the gridiron this fall. The last holdout, the Pac-12, looks like it is headed for a fall football return, as well.

“We feel we’ve got a responsibility to our student-athletes and our programs to explore that possibility,” Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said. “So that’s what we’re doing.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt Dunham

Britain faces long-term restrictions

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 9/22/20, 01:43 pm

Just weeks ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed hope the country could return to normal by Christmas. But on Tuesday, he imposed tighter restrictions to contain a surge of COVID-19 cases and warned that normal social or work life might not be possible for at least six months: “For the time being, this virus is a fact of our lives.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Bernat Armangue

“A very serious situation”

International | COVID-19 caseloads in Europe increase while the debate continues over the disease’s origins
by Mindy Belz
Posted 9/21/20, 05:49 pm

EUROPE: Six months after Italy’s coronavirus crisis became an ominous signpost to the West, the World Health Organization is warning of “a very serious situation” unfolding again across Europe.

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