Coronavirus Pinyo

A different kind of shot in the arm against COVID-19

Science | Scientists explore “DNA shots” to protect people from the coronavirus
by Julie Borg
Posted 6/25/20, 01:35 pm

In the race to produce a coronavirus vaccine, some companies are experimenting with a novel approach using gene therapy. The faster, cheaper method could trigger people’s bodies to produce their own antibodies against the virus more quickly than a traditional vaccine would.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ross D. Franklin (file)

COVID-19 classroom makeover

Education | Schools need flexibility, freedom, and funding to re-open this fall
by Laura Edghill
Posted 6/24/20, 04:21 pm

Administrators’ back-to-school wish lists will include some additional items come fall: face masks and cleaning supplies, more janitors, bus aides to check students’ temperatures, and more.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ben Margot (file)

Changing policing for good

Compassion | The movement for law enforcement reforms gains momentum
by Charissa Koh
Posted 6/24/20, 02:56 pm

An article written by retired officer Randy Petersen about police reform two years ago saw a spike in views recently when he posted it on his LinkedIn page.

“More people [were] interested in that in the last six weeks than probably in the last two years combined,” said Petersen, who now works for Texas Public Policy Foundation researching law enforcement and criminal justice issues.

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