U.K. abortion pill program cuts corners

Abortion | “Pills by Post” fails to follow safety assessments for at-home abortions
by Leah Hickman
Posted 7/10/20, 06:54 pm

An undercover investigation in the United Kingdom found that women have received the abortion pill in the mail without confirming their identities or the gestational ages of their unborn babies. The lack of accountability for meeting those basic medical standards puts women at risk of life-threatening complications.

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A “silver bullet” for COVID-19?

Medicine | A Texas doctor claims he’s found a cure for COVID-19, but the evidence is still out
by Charles Horton, M.D.
Posted 7/10/20, 04:04 pm

Several readers have written to inform us about Richard Bartlett, a Texas doctor and onetime congressional candidate who says he has discovered a “silver bullet” for COVID-19. His proposed cure? Inhaled steroids.

This would be world-changing news, probably deserving a Nobel Prize, if true. It would save thousands of lives, end the economic and social upheaval caused by preventive measures, and save billions of dollars on hospital treatments.

As the ancient Spartans famously said: “If.”

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The WHO acknowledges COVID-19 airborne transmission

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 7/10/20, 03:16 pm

The World Health Organization changed its tune this week on several aspects of how the coronavirus spreads. At the urging of more than 200 scientists, the global health agency said on Thursday that the coronavirus can survive in the air in certain indoor settings. It also noted that people without symptoms can transmit COVID-19 to others.

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