Shawn Olah

Little Dunkirk

Coronavirus | On one April night, hospitals from Pennsylvania to Albany sent a fleet of helicopters to help evacuate New York COVID-19 patients needing oxygen
by Emily Belz
Posted 4/10/20, 01:30 pm

ANDY BRACKBILL AND HIS WIFE, Pamela, were up late Tuesday night and into the wee hours of Wednesday. He passed the time scanning Flight Radar 24, a flight tracking app. Brackbill said he was“doing my usual clicking on certain planes/helicopters at different places around the country, just to see who they were and where they were going.” 

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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Inside the outbreak: Creative coronavirus help

Business | Innovative ways to be good neighbors in a crisis
by Leah Hickman
Posted 4/10/20, 12:27 pm

The coronavirus pandemic has different effects on different businesses. Some have no way of making money under new government restrictions, and their employees face the challenges of supporting their families without an income. Others are booming to the point that employees are overworked and overexposed to the threat of the virus. Here’s how some businesses and communities are supporting employees:

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Associated Press/Photo by Sue Ogrocki

Fauci: COVID-19 antibody test coming

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 4/10/20, 12:20 pm

A test to identify people who have fought off COVID-19 could be on the way. Developers expect “a rather large number of tests” for the disease’s antibody will be available within a week, the country’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told CNN on Friday morning.

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