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One year later, Chinese lawyers still imprisoned

China | Twenty people who defended human rights in China remain jailed
by June Cheng
Posted 7/08/16, 11:00 am

On July 4, six women arrived at the top prosecutor’s office in Beijing with the names of their detained husbands pasted onto their summer dresses. “I support you, Xie Yang,” read one. “Waiting for you, Quanzhang,” read another. The wives, joined by lawyers and several Western diplomats, came to raise their frustrations that authorities in the neighboring city of Tianjing had barred them from contacting their husbands, whom authorities arrested last year in a nationwide roundup of human rights lawyers and activists.

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Report: China still harvests prisoners’ organs

China | Transplant trade in China allegedly targets persecuted minority groups
by Molly Hulsey
Posted 6/28/16, 02:34 pm

China promised to stop harvesting organs from prisoners in 2015, but a recent report by human rights experts claims the government still kills thousands of inmates for body parts.

The report states the transplant trade continues to target minority groups imprisoned for their beliefs: Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, and Falun Gong meditation practitioners.

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Lessons from the Cold War

Foreign Policy | Millennials who prefer socialism to capitalism should understand why Americans persevered
by Lee Edwards & Elizabeth Edwards Spalding
Posted 5/14/16, 09:00 am

The Cold War is about as real to many millennials as the Neolithic era. The millions of deaths resulting from communism are not part of their consciousness, and the willingness of their parents and grandparents to wage a cold war for 40 years in the face of a totalitarian regime seems irrelevant to them.

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