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Telling the truth

Movie | Mr. Jones highlights the human cost of bearing false witness
by Megan Basham
Posted 7/16/20, 03:12 pm

“This is a chance to rebuild, to fight for the future,” a pretty, young Moscow reporter tells British freelancer Gareth Jones midway through the excellent 2019 film Mr. Jones. She’s convinced the Soviets are fighting for “the real people, the workers.” She tells herself that burying information on Stalin means restraining Hitler. She believes she’s a crusader on the right side of history, a moderating force for good.

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Yat Kai Yeung/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Hong Kong: A city on the brink

China | Residents see their freedoms diminish rapidly as the Beijing government implements a draconian national security law it forced on the city
by June Cheng
Posted 7/16/20, 02:35 pm

Daniel Cheung first heard of Beijing’s plan to impose a national security law on Hong Kong in late May, while he was stuck inside a Causeway Bay hotel for his mandatory 14-day quarantine. He had just returned to Hong Kong from the United States, where he is getting his Ph.D. in theology, and he remembers feeling angry and frustrated as he read the news on social media. He had known one day mainland China would clamp down on the city’s autonomy, but he had no idea it would be so soon.

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AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Hong Kong braces for new reality under Beijing’s tighter control

Hong Kong | Protests fill the streets a day after China enacts a sweeping security law
by June Cheng
Posted 7/01/20, 03:06 pm

Hundreds of Catholics and Protestants filled Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district Wednesday for an annual prayer meeting. It was the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China, which residents usually mark with large protests. 

This year, attendees had another weight on their minds: the sweeping national security law that went into effect the night before. “Everyone has a sword over his or her head,” the event organizer said in his opening prayer.

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