Climate Change
Associated Press/Photo by J. David Ake

Trump to relax emissions rules for states

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 8/21/18, 01:14 pm

The Trump administration proposed new rules Tuesday that would roll back Obama-era constraints on coal-fired power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency would direct states to focus on making coal power plants more efficient and allow them to develop their own emissions reduction plans with federal oversight. Critics say the rules would allow utilities to run older, dirtier power plants more often and extend the plants’ overall operating life, undercutting potential environmental benefits. President Barack Obama aimed to cut U.S.

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Associated Press/Photo by Christian Koch Madsen (file)

Economy, not environment, did in the Vikings

Science | New discovery challenges climate change hypothesis
by Julie Borg
Posted 8/16/18, 04:17 pm

New research published this month pushes back on the environmentalist claim that climate change destroyed the Viking outposts of Greenland. The study, published last week in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, tells of a changing economic climate, not climate change.

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UCLA/Christelle Snow

Shocked snails and the wonders of RNA

Science | Scientists discover new function for genetic workhorse
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/24/18, 03:36 pm

Researchers at UCLA say they transferred memories between marine snails through injections of RNA.

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