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A philanthropy grandmaster

New York | The philanthropist who brought chess to New York City’s public schools dies
by Emily Belz
Posted 6/19/19, 03:04 pm

A New York moment: 

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A Bronx chat

New York | Two longtime NYC pastors, Tim Keller and Ray Rivera, meet to discuss the future of the urban church
by Emily Belz
Posted 6/04/19, 04:50 pm

A New York moment: 

On a warm, rainy night last week, I took the train up to the South Bronx to join a room of mostly black and Hispanic church leaders listening to pastors Ray Rivera and Tim Keller talk about the future of the urban church globally. 

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Debating disaster

History | Touristy Lisbon sits on the ruins left by the earthquake that killed up to 40,000 residents and cost Portugal in 1755 half of its gross national product. But the biggest change was religious
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/20/19, 12:38 am

Sixth (and last) in a series on changing cities

In March 31, 1755, the curtain rose for the first time at Lisbon’s Casa da Opera, said to surpass “in magnitude and decorations all that modern times can boast,” with spectators gaping at “the richness of the house and all the gilded decorations.” Its stage was 180 feet long, twice the length of a modern NBA basketball court. King José had assembled “the greatest singers then existing”: Domenico Luciani, Giuseppi Morelli, Gaetano Majorano, and more. 

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