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Stealing home teams

Sports | A Major League Baseball plan to eliminate 42 minor league clubs threatens to rob fans across America of their connection to the game
by Ray Hacke
Posted 7/29/20, 02:20 pm

Nestled between farmland, a thriving shopping and restaurant complex that sprang up adjacently, and a busy interstate, a minor league ballpark sits empty and forlorn.

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Festival or tragedy: The Portland protests

Cities | Events in 1970 show us what could happen in 2020
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 7/28/20, 02:54 pm

I’m trying to get to the heart of what’s happening in Portland—60-plus straight nights of downtown demonstrations—and is apparently spreading to other cities. How violent are they? What do protesters want and when do they want it? What’s the endgame? Here’s what I’ve put together based on stories filed by two journalists—WORLD correspondent Andrew Shaughnessy with the protesters, Mike Balsano of the Associated Press with the federal agents—and my own experience.  

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John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune via AP

Summer sadness

Crime | In a tense national moment, murders rise in U.S. cities, and Christians in the hard-hit neighborhoods lament
by Emily Belz
Posted 7/14/20, 11:45 am

In Atlanta on July 4, 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot and killed across the street from where police officers shot and killed Rayshard Brooks in June, a police shooting that prompted protests and the resignation of the Atlanta police chief.  

“You killed your own this time,” said the girl’s father, Secoriya Williamson, at a news conference in Atlanta. “She didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

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