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Scaling back on school choice?

Education | Education savings account programs in Arizona and New Mexico suffer midterm setbacks
by Leigh Jones
Posted 11/14/18, 04:36 pm

School choice advocates are spinning last week’s election results in the most positive light possible.

“School choice victorious in the 2018 elections,” read the headline on a press release issued by the American Federation for Children.

That’s a bit of a stretch. While voters elected pro–school choice candidates in many states, they dealt a significant blow to the choice movement’s flagship initiative—the education savings account (ESA).

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Salvatore Di Nolfi/Keystone via AP

Protesting propaganda

Persecution | At the UN Human Rights Council, demonstrations as China claims Uighurs enjoy ‘colorful and meaningful’ lives in re-education camps
by June Cheng
Posted 11/09/18, 04:49 pm

As Western countries accuse China of indefinitely detaining 1 million Uighurs in its Xinjiang region, China continues to defend its action as a counterterrorism measure that has been misconstrued for “politically driven” reasons.

“This protects the human rights of the vast majority, while also saving these people,” Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said on Tuesday at a review by United Nations Human Rights Council. “It’s another important contribution of China to the global counterterror field.”

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Paul Sancya/AP

Evangelist in chains

Persecution | China uses dubious border charges to imprison a popular Christian leader
by June Cheng
Posted 11/07/18, 03:06 pm

In the summer of 2017, Amos Cao and his mother Jamie Powell flew from their home in North Carolina to Yunnan province, China, then bumped over dirt roads for five hours until they arrived at Menglian County along the China-Myanmar border. They had traveled halfway around the world to see the Rev. John Sanqiang Cao—Amos’ father and Powell’s husband. Chinese authorities had arrested him a few months earlier as he crossed the border back into China after visiting schools he helped build in Wa State, an autonomous region in the Myanmar mountains.

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