Associated Press/Photo by Vincent Yu

China condemns Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers

by Leigh Jones
Posted 11/12/20, 04:03 pm

Beijing on Thursday called a mass resignation of Hong Kong lawmakers an attempt to provoke foreign interference and a “blatant challenge to the power of the central government.” After China removed four lawmakers it deemed a threat to national security, the other 15 pro-democracy members of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council announced they were stepping down in protest.

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Associated Press/Photo by Vincent Yu

Pro-democracy voices silenced

International | Beijing cracks down on Hong Kong legislators prompting mass resignations
by Mindy Belz
Posted 11/11/20, 05:34 pm

HONG KONG: China forcibly ousted four pro-democracy lawmakers from the Legislative Council under allegations of endangering national security, prompting the 15 remaining pro-democracy members to resign Wednesday.

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AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Opposition ousted

Hong Kong | Prosecuted and disqualified, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse
by Erica Kwong
Posted 11/11/20, 01:46 pm

On Wednesday, all 19 pro-democracy members of Hong Kong’s legislature appeared before media to announce their resignation. The opposition members are leaving the Legislative Council in protest after Beijing on Wednesday authorized the Hong Kong government to disqualify and remove four pro-democracy legislators who were already barred from reelection.

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