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The birth dearth

Family | A problem in South Korea deeper than the coronavirus
by Darrow Miller
Posted 3/28/20, 04:33 pm

While Italy, Spain, Iran, and other countries have been overwhelmed, South Korea seems to have flattened out the spread of the coronavirus. South Korea, though, has a deeper trouble: Its culture no longer supports the formation of families and the virtue of having children. The country currently has the lowest fertility rate of any in the world. Its rate of .88 is less than half of the 2.1 needed to maintain a stable population. In other words, while South Korea is busy slowing the spread of COVID-19, she is on the path to national suicide.

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Associated Press/Photo by Nardus Engelbrecht

Deploying drastic measures

International | Africa reacts to the coronavirus pandemic as it remembers AIDS and Ebola
by Mindy Belz
Posted 3/26/20, 01:58 pm

SOUTH AFRICA: President Cyril Ramaphosa has tested negative for the coronavirus, just hours before the country began a 21-day nationwide lockdown enforced by the military. It and other African nations—vivid with memories of the 1980s AIDS epidemic and recent Ebola outbreaks—are deploying drastic measures.

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Associated Press/Photo by Manu Fernandez

Spain’s death toll passes China’s

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 3/26/20, 11:32 am

More than 4,000 people have died of COVID-19 in Spain as of Thursday. Only Italy has had more deaths—about 7,500. Spain’s daily death toll of 655 on Wednesday was lower than it has been recently, and health officials hope the outbreak is reaching its peak in the country.

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