Gentrification for all?

Poverty | Some community activists believe urban neighborhood revitalization can occur in a way that benefits everyone
by Sophia Lee
Posted 8/17/17, 02:29 pm

I met anti-gentrification activist Angel Luna, a subject of WORLD Magazine’s recent article on gentrification, at a local doughnut shop chain in Boyle Heights. A white man founded the doughnut empire, now the largest doughnut shop chain on the West Coast. But in the sugar-dusted store in Boyle Heights, the servers dishing out apple fritters and Boston creams were Latino, the customers were Latino, and the soap opera playing on a corner television set was from Mexico.

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Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/AP

No mercy

Life | Pro-life activists face charges for methods pro-abortion advocates have long hailed
by Jamie Dean
Posted 4/10/17, 12:27 pm

When California Attorney General Xavier Becerra charged pro-life activists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt with 15 felony counts for their undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion forces, even the Los Angeles Times balked.

Over the past year, the newspaper has scorned Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress (CMP) for its videos showing Planned Parenthood officials callously discussing prices for the remains of aborted children.

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Students sue college for sabotaging conservative event

Higher Education | Lawsuit claims Cal State LA tried to silence free speech
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 12/08/16, 02:15 pm

In a hearing this week, a California university asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit alleging the university intentionally tried to shut down and block access to a conservative speaking event.

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