Associated Press/Photo by Vladimir Isachenkov

Midday Roundup: Russian warplanes fly out of Syria

by Leigh Jones
Posted 3/15/16, 11:05 am

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Associated Press/Photo by Selahattin Sonmez/Hurriyet Daily

Globe Trot: Car bomb in Turkish capital kills dozens

by Mindy Belz
Posted 3/14/16, 02:10 pm

TURKEY: A car bomb killed at least 37 people Sunday in the second mass-casualty blast to rock Ankara, Turkey’s capital, in three weeks. Officials blame Kurdish rebels for the attack and have carried out airstrikes in northern Iraq. Police also have rounded up about a dozen suspects.

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Female members of anti-narcotic campaigners known as Pat Jasan sing during a prayer meeting in Wai Maw, northern Kachin state, Myanmar.|Associated Press/Photo by Hkun Lat

Burmese military shields opium poppy fields from torch-wielding Christians

by Anna K. Poole
Posted 2/24/16, 08:30 am

For a fifth day, soldiers and police in Myanmar, also known as Burma, are locked in a face-off with hundreds of Christian anti-drug campaigners trying to destroy opium poppy fields. 

On Friday, Burmese authorities halted the Baptist-affiliated activist group, Pat Jasan, as it headed toward a major poppy cultivation site in Sadon-Kambaiti, in northeastern Kachin state on the border with China. 

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