Associated Press/Photo by Khin Maung Win

Myanmar’s military accused of abducting Baptist pastors

Persecution | Disappearance of two men highlights religious oppression and persecution in Buddhist-majority nation
by Anna K. Poole
Posted 1/20/17, 12:05 pm

Myanmar’s religious climate isn’t getting any warmer. As violence mounts in the Buddhist-majority nation, formerly known as Burma, the country’s military is increasingly under fire for human rights abuses, most recently the forced disappearance of two Baptist church leaders.  

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Associated Press/Photo by Aung Shine Oo

Suu Kyi faces growing criticism over Rohingya plight

Persecution | International human rights groups say once jailed activist should have compassion for the persecuted
by Jenny Lind Schmitt
Posted 1/10/17, 12:30 pm

Aung San Suu Kyi, 1991 Nobel Prize laureate and de facto leader of the government of primarily Buddhist Myanmar, also known as Burma, faces mounting criticism for her government’s crackdown on the nation’s Rohingya Muslim minority. UN human rights envoy Yanghee Lee arrived in the country Jan. 9 to launch a 12-day investigation.

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Associated Press/Photo by Khin Maung Win

New census shows Christianity spreading in Burma

Burma | Amid persecution and poverty, pastors work to share the gospel
by Julia A. Seymour
Posted 8/08/16, 12:34 pm

The spread of the gospel has faced huge obstacles in Burma, including bloody civil war, violence against ethnic minorities, and radical Buddhist opposition. In spite of all that, Christianity has grown in Burma (also called Myanmar), according to new figures.

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