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‘They’re like birds’

Hope Awards | Colorado group helps Burmese refugees who often arrive with nothing and ‘just need a little help, and they fly on their own’
by Sophia Lee
Posted 7/19/18, 04:04 pm

Southwest Winner: Colorado Burma Roundtable Network

When Li Ling first arrived at the Denver International Airport with her husband and two young children, she felt relief. It’s a common emotion refugees from Burma like her share when they land in America: Finally, they’re far, far away from the military dictatorship of Burma (also known as Myanmar) that terrorizes ethnic minorities through forced labor, torture, and arbitrary imprisonment. Like many of her fellow refugees, Li Ling didn’t know what awaited her in this new country, but she felt safe for the first time in years.

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A long way from home

Thailand | Before getting lost in a cave, Adul Sam-on found direction for his future at a Thai church and school
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 7/13/18, 09:59 am

When British divers earlier this month located the group of 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped inside a flooded cave in northern Thailand, only one boy, 14-year-old Adul Sam-on, could communicate with the divers in English. 

“What day is it?” Adul asked the divers before telling them the group’s greatest need: food. By that point on July 2, the Wild Boars soccer team had been stuck in the Tham Luang Cave system for 10 days, eating birthday snacks, drinking water dripping from the cave walls, and digging deeper into the cave to keep warm. 

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Will Italy’s political unrest spark a eurozone crisis?

International | Italian president appoints new interim prime minister amid populist party calls for protests
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/29/18, 02:20 pm

Italian President Sergio Mattarella this week selected another interim prime minister to create a new government after the country’s populist parties lost their bid to govern. The political uncertainty that began after elections in early March likely will continue as the populist parties prepare to protest the move.

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