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A constitutional cure for what ails us

by Cal Thomas
Posted 8/15/13, 11:16 am

When I studied the U.S. Constitution in school, I learned that for a bill to become law it first had to be introduced in either the House or the Senate. Today, a cynic might say for a bill to become law a member of Congress must first be introduced to a lobbyist.

Much of government’s dysfunction, cost, and overreach can be traced to the abandonment of the constitutional boundaries the Founders put in place for the purpose of controlling the lust for power.

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When reasoning is labeled 'Islamophobia'

by John S. Dickerson
Posted 8/13/13, 03:55 pm

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Random House

Press zealotry for Zealot

by Marvin Olasky
Posted 8/12/13, 02:46 pm

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