Abraham, Isaac, and Jesus

Books | On Judaism and Christianity
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 8/27/20, 03:20 pm

The Jewish New Year begins the evening of Sept. 18, and Elliott Rabin’s The Biblical Hero: Portraits in Nobility & Fallibility (Jewish Publication Society, 2020) shows differences between Judaism and Christianity but also points of contact. 

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A sea of faces

Children’s Books | Four recent children’s biographies
by Mary Jackson
Posted 8/27/20, 03:16 pm

Through the Wardrobe by Lina Maslo: This book acquaints a new generation with C.S. Lewis and the experiences that shaped his beloved Narnian world. Lewis’ childhood imagination—fueled by books and heroic characters—influenced how he handled loss, hardship, wartime horrors, and career highs and lows. Maslo helps readers see parallels between Lewis’ own journey and Narnia’s “battles between good and evil, where one learns things like courage and love and forgiveness” and where a person’s worst moments shape his future.

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Fellowship and faith

Books | Four accessible theology books
by Jamie Dean
Posted 8/27/20, 02:59 pm

2 Corinthians for You by Gary Millar: Millar offers a lively study of the New Testament book of 2 Corinthians, taking the reader verse by verse through the Apostle Paul’s extraordinary letter to a church he longed to see grow in Christ and generously serve others. Millar shows how suffering is part of that service: Paul teaches that we suffer for the benefit of other people. We face pain—and receive God’s comfort—so we can comfort others in the Church. Comfort isn’t a dulling of pain or a peaceful, easy feeling.

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