Delightful discoveries

Children’s Books | Four recent picture books
by Mary Jackson & Kristin Chapman
Posted 1/14/21, 04:41 pm

The Bear and the Moon by Matthew Burgess: A curious little bear spots something “red as a berry and round like the moon” with a long silver string attached to it. The balloon goes everywhere with him, providing quiet company and new excitement, seeming to smile back at him like a friend. But one day, it pops. The bear desperately tries to fix it, to no avail, and sorrow and loneliness set in. Nature has a way of providing comfort, and the bear realizes that all good things are a gift, and loss is not always a result of bad behavior.

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Freedom calling

Books | Four best-selling novels
by Susan Olasky
Posted 1/14/21, 04:37 pm

The Guardians by John Grisham: In his 40th book, Grisham introduces Cullen Post, a lawyer/Episcopal priest who works for Guardian Ministries, a small nonprofit dedicated to freeing inmates wrongly convicted of murder. Post throws himself into his latest project: freeing Quincy Miller, a black man incarcerated for 22 years for a murder he didn’t commit. Post has to find evidence that will convince a judge to overturn the conviction, but his investigation alarms some dangerous people. Fueled by his religious convictions, Post works with a relentless focus.

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Life and leaders

Books | Of infants, judges, and presidents
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 1/14/21, 04:34 pm

Randy Alcorn’s Pro-Choice or Pro-Life (EPM, 2020; Kindle price 99 cents) is my new inexpensive go-to book for—here comes the subtitle—Examining 15 Pro-Choice Claims: What Do Facts & Common Sense Tell Us? Among the claims he swats away: The unborn child is not a person, has no right to live off the body of another person, and should be killable when rape, incest, or disability are factors. Alcorn also deals with adoption fears, overpopulation concerns, and “personally pro-life” and “wanted child” excuses.

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