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Continuing the family tradition of repression

Books | North Korean leader Kim Jong Un follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather
by Anna Fifield
Posted 7/11/20, 12:42 pm

When Kim Jong Un took over as North Korea’s leader in 2011, no one knew what to make of the Swiss-educated 27-year-old who loved the NBA. Would the younger Kim lead reforms in the Hermit Kingdom?

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Lighthearted reads

Children’s Books | Picture books for summertime imaginations
by Mary Jackson
Posted 7/02/20, 05:43 pm

The Little Blue Cottage by Kelly Jordan: All year long a quaint blue cottage on the bay sits unoccupied until a little girl and her family arrive in the summertime, filling the house with the smells of pancakes, bacon, and sunscreen. Each year, the girl boats, fishes, flies kites, and shelters from summer storms inside the little cottage.

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Journeys far and near

Books | Four novels, old and new
by Susan Olasky
Posted 7/02/20, 05:41 pm

The Nesting Dolls by Alina Adams: The Nesting Dolls, out on July 14, is a fascinating multigeneration tale that moves from Stalin-era Siberia to Brighton Beach, N.Y., in 2019. The story focuses on the women in a Russian Jewish family who face incredible obstacles just to survive. Adams shows the horrors of Stalin’s Soviet Union and the desperate choices some people made. The book ends with Zoya, a young woman who grew up in the United States. She has a private-school education and privileges her parents and grandparents could only dream of.

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