Learning from our bodies

Books | What does it mean to bear the image of God?
by Paul Brand & Philip Yancey
Posted 11/28/20, 07:24 am

Three decades ago wordsmith Philip Yancey turned theological reflections by Dr. Paul Brand, an innovator in treating leprosy, into two short books. Last year, InterVarsity Press combined the two into one book, Fearfully and Wonderfully. Brand brilliantly describes how human traits decried by evolutionists—why does God have us feel so much pain?—are actually lifesavers. Here’s part of Chapter 1, courtesy of InterVarsity Press and Hodder & Stoughton.

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Devotions and delights

Children’s Books | Books to quiet the soul and frame a new year
by Mary Jackson
Posted 11/19/20, 03:30 pm

Seekers by C.S. Fritz: Seekers leads families on an interactive adventure of discovering “who God is, how He works, and what He calls us to do.” It contains 20 cases—each with riddles, codes, puzzles, art, and clues—that families can solve together. Fritz chooses various themes from Scripture, such as God’s presence, power, and provision and the grace and new life we have in Christ. The colorful book’s drawings and notes resemble a sketchpad. Endnotes (for parents) include theme explanations, answers to riddles, and discussion questions.

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All is not as it seems

Books | Three current novels and an oldie
by Susan Olasky
Posted 11/19/20, 03:23 pm

The Second Mother by Jenny Milchman: For a year, abetted by her husband, Julie smothers with alcohol the rage and guilt she feels over the loss of her infant daughter. After a public meltdown, she’s ready for change. She applies for and gets a job as the teacher in a one-room schoolhouse on Mercy, a remote Maine island. The change proves beneficial at first, but nothing is as it seems. When she pays extra attention to a gifted but possibly troubled student, the grandson of the island’s most influential couple, things begin to go wrong.

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