Proceed with caution

Children's Books | New novels booksellers are promoting to teens
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 11/20/18, 02:01 pm

A Map of Days

Ransom Riggs

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Science fiction novels

by John Ottinger III
Posted 11/20/18, 01:55 pm

A Printer’s Choice

W.L. Patenaude

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Rachman: Geraint Lewis/Writer Pictures/AP • Minzner: handout

From China to heaven

Books | Eastern oppression and timeless wisdom
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 11/20/18, 01:50 pm

Two books worth reading side by side are Gideon Rachman’s Easternization: Asia’s Rise and America’s Decline: From Obama to Trump and Beyond (Other Press, 2017) and Carl Minzner’s End of an Era: How China’s Authoritarian Revival Is Undermining Its Rise (Oxford, 2018).

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