Barton Controversy
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David Barton's book on Jefferson republished

by Mickey McLean
Posted 12/23/15, 12:27 pm

David Barton’s controversial The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson will soon be back. Thomas Nelson published it in April 2012 and then pulled it from bookstore shelves as historians criticized its accuracy. WND Books, publishing arm of the conservative website World Net Daily, will re-release the book on Jan. 16.

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Getting history right

Religion | Two professors respond to David Barton’s claim they made ‘mountains out of molehills’ in their critique of his research into Thomas Jefferson and his faith
by Warren Throckmorton & Michael Coulter
Posted 3/14/13, 09:30 am

This is the third and final round of WORLD’s Barton controversy coverage. Below we have Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter’s reply to David Barton’s response to their book that critiqued Barton’s The Jefferson Lies. Barton is welcome to offer a final rebuttal, but is under no obligation to do so.

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Jefferson and Christianity

Religion | A history and political science professor at The Master’s College offers a brief review of David Barton’s claims in <em>The Jefferson Lies</em>—and Barton responds, and Frazer rebuts
by Gregg Frazer
Posted 2/15/13, 09:38 am

Our online debate between history writer David Barton and his critics demanded a lot of attention from readers: thousands of words, numerous footnotes, complicated argumentation. That many of you read, pondered, and commented is a good indication that poor history teaching in many colleges hasn’t killed among many of us the desire to learn what really happened.

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