Outside influence

China | In their capital, universities, and media, Australians increasingly feel the impact of political pressure from China
by June Cheng
Posted 1/16/18, 10:11 pm

While Americans worry about Russian meddling in U.S. politics, on the other side of the Pacific, Australians are worrying about Chinese meddling. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced in December that his country would “stand up” against Chinese influence in Australian politics.

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Getty Images/Photo by Atta Kenare/AFP

Fearing ‘cultural invasion,’ Iran to ban English in schools

International | Plus international news and notes from Syria, Sudan, Mexico, Australia, and more
by Mindy Belz
Posted 1/08/18, 01:51 pm

IRAN: Fearing “cultural invasion,” authorities banned the teaching of English in primary schools, as they continue to blame widespread protests in 80 cities on Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States. President Hassan Rouhani is calling for a lifting of the ban on social media, but Voice of America spokeswoman Anna Morris told me over the weekend all VOA broadcasts, including social media, remain blocked.

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Associated Press/Photo by Joe Castro/AAP Image

Australian man claims Muslim mistreatment prompted attack

by Leigh Jones
Posted 12/22/17, 11:14 am

The 32-year-old Australian man who drove a white SUV into a crowd of Christmas shoppers in Melbourne on Thursday told police he acted in part out of frustration over poor treatment of Muslims. Officials previously said the man did not have any links to extremist groups. But now, investigators are looking again at posible terror ties. “He made some utterances in respect to a number of matters,” Victoria state Acting Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton told Australia’s Channel Nine television network.

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