Associated Press/Photo by Kyusung Gong (file)

The gymnastics sexual abuse problem

Family | The sport still has a long way to go to protect young athletes
by Mary Jackson
Posted 7/17/20, 04:45 pm

Five years ago, former U.S. national team gymnast Maggie Nichols filed the first anonymous complaint with USA Gymnastics stating that Dr. Larry Nassar had sexually molested her under the guise of medical treatment.

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Associated Press/Photo by Khaizuran Muchtamir

Flash floods inundate Indonesia

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 7/16/20, 01:47 pm

Rescue workers are struggling through mud-covered roads and steady rainfall in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, to search for survivors. The death toll on Thursday stood at 32 as flash floods and mudslides swept through the province. At least 16 people are still missing and rescuers face communication difficulties, according to National Search and Rescue Agency spokesman Yusuf Latif. Images from the region showed homes and vehicles partially submerged in mud.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ben Curtis (file)

Africa’s swarming threat

International | Responders seek solutions to a worsening locust outbreak
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 7/10/20, 02:54 pm

In the county of Turkana in northwestern Kenya, one of the worst-hit areas in Africa’s locust outbreak, people serve as scouts using an app called e-Locust to report sightings of the pests in real time. They upload photos and videos with information about the location and size of locusts to a shared database. Another team uses the information to deploy pesticides to the area to prevent the insects from forming a moving swarm.

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